The company draws on the modern management level and quality consciousness of well-known domestic enterprises. The company brings together well-known machinery and power control system experts in the textile machinery industry to set up Zhimen's R & D team, and constantly introduces new products to the market.


Enterprise Science Association adds members, build family and make friends to promote development

On the afternoon of August 7, the Science and Technology Association of Jiangyin Kaiye Textile Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established. Yang Hongbo, Vice Chairman of Jiangyin Science Association, Shen Lixing, Deputy Director of the Subdistrict Office and Chairman of the Association of Science and Technology, and representatives of some scientific and technological workers of the enterprise attended the meeting.

Rework textile enterprises and labor shortage, high cost and worry, old yao launched a few artifact can help

At present, all walks of life are facing the key problems of difficult recruitment, difficult retention and rising labor costs year by year. As a labor-intensive enterprise, spinning mills are facing great pressure and challenges, and it has become an inevitable trend to upgrade equipment automation.

The 19th Shanghai International Textile Industry Exhibition 2019

At the 19th Shanghai International Textile Industry Exhibition in 2019, Jiangyin Kaiye Textile Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. sincerely invites you to visit!

At present, the tide of "smart +" has arrived, and many companies have seized this opportunity. How do you think China's textile machinery manufacturers should respond? How to implement the "standard first" principle?

When the "intelligence +" tide comes, we still need to take the needs of customers as the R & D target of our textile machinery industry, to achieve a reasonable division of labor and collaborative work between people and machines, and to achieve transformation and upgrading, in order to maximize production efficiency.

Corporate culture is the internal cohesion of the company. How does the company let the corporate culture penetrate the hearts of employees? What are the characteristics of the company in terms of management?

Advanced corporate culture should resonate with employees, be recognized by employees and consciously and habitually practice, and seamlessly integrate with production and management activities. Therefore, companies should focus on the construction of corporate culture "Site, job entry, management, and process" starts with strengthening employees' professional ethics, job responsibility, and job behavior standards,
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Kaiye Textile Machinery adheres to the business tenet of integrity, service, innovation and development, adhering to the values of unity, positiveness, optimism and collaboration, and is willing to seek common development with customers and establish long-term stable cooperative relations.


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