Company's own R & D, production management automatic winding machine, Automatic yarn feeding device of yarn bank type winder, intelligent roving blowing smoke cleaner, energy absorbing cotton fan, automatic spinning processing machine, slub smart devices, intelligent spinning device, the new cotton waste processor, hydraulic series balers, DD series hanging textile spindles and other special devices.

Intelligent centralized management system

LGJ-300A Automatic Winding Machine

LGJ-300B Automatic Winding Machine

LGJ300B-4 Automatic Winder Organizer

LGJ300C-2 Automatic Winder Organizer

LGJ200B Automatic Winder Organizer

LGJ200Y Automatic Winder Organizer

LGJ-200H automatic winding and management machine

Kaiye Textile Machinery adheres to the business tenet of integrity, service, innovation and development, adhering to the values of unity, positiveness, optimism and collaboration, and is willing to seek common development with customers and establish long-term stable cooperative relations.


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