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Automatic winder management machine

The company develops and produces automatic winding and pipe management machine, automatic yarn throwing equipment of yarn warehouse winder, and sells intelligent roving blowing and suction cleaning machine, energy-saving cotton suction fan, automatic spinning and pipe management machine, intelligent slub yarn device.

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■ Product Overview
· Currently, the automatic bobbin winder used by the user, the spun bobbins coming out of the storage area are very messy. The empty bobbins and bobbins of various colors are mixed together, and they are sorted and sorted by hand. Or manual centralized processing. It is time-consuming, inefficient, and labor-intensive.
· LGJ100B automatic tube management machine is a new type of high efficiency and energy saving textile machine equipment which has absorbed foreign advanced technology, bold innovation and elaborately developed. It adopts electromechanical integration, automatic control and detection technologies; it is connected to each winder, automatically separates and sorts the yarn bobbins from the winder, automatically separates empty yarn and bobbins, and separates the fine yarn. The size of the empty tube is automatically straightened, collected, and the frame is automatically changed. The product has obtained an invention patent. Patent number: 201110303773.3
■ Product Features
· The automatic management machine has a compact working structure, reasonable process, small footprint, low labor, high efficiency, low energy consumption, simple operation and maintenance, and can run continuously for 24 hours;
· The automatic tube management machine can be connected with various types of winders. It can automatically identify and detect various color bobbins with high detection accuracy;
· The automatic tube management machine can handle various sizes of spinning tubes (180, 190, 205, 230mm, etc.);
· According to the different requirements of the user's production process, each tube management machine can handle multiple color spun yarn tubes on a single winder;
· Minimum labor and low labor intensity, one employee can take care of about 18 winder management machines;
· Reduce the spinning tube transportation turnover process and reduce the rate of bobbin damage;
■ Performance index

The machine is designed with coarse finishing of storage tube and fine finishing of yarn tube, which ensures the smooth finishing of yarn tube through two-step finishing; Using machine vision inspection technology to discriminate the color, orientation and remaining yarn state of spinning tubes, and accurately classify spinning tubes; By compressed air injection in the branch of the body to achieve the spinning tube moving, improve the tube management machine pushing the working life of the device; The tube overturning device of the tube dropping mechanism can adapt to the tube overturning of spun yarn tubes with different diameters to ensure the consistency of the top position of spun yarn tubes; To meet the requirements of different users, the nozzle mechanism is suitable for both rectangular turnover box and circular arc turnover box.

Key words:

Full-automatic winding and pipe management machine/ Automatic yarn feeding equipment of winder/ Touring blow-suction cleaner/ Energy-saving cotton suction fan/ Automatic spinning pipe management machine/ Intelligent spinning device/ Roving roving device/ New waste cotton processor/ Hydraulic series baler

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