Automatic winder management machine

Nov 26,2014

At present, it is difficult to recruit workers, difficult to retain people, and the cost of employment has increased year by year. Some enterprises have even experienced severe worker faults in individual posts. To solve the problem of labor shortage and liberate workers from heavy physical labor, textile enterprises need to solve it At the same time, it also provides a new market opportunity for textile machinery enterprises in the transformation and upgrading. Seeing the needs of textile enterprises, coupled with the experience and accumulation of textile machinery auxiliary equipment production and development, Jiangyin Kaiye Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. has chosen to develop fully automatic winding mechanisms through long-term inspections and investigations of first-line enterprises. Tube machine project.
Different from the traditional manual operation, the LGJ100B automatic winding machine developed by Kaiye Company adopts mechatronics, automatic detection and control technology, and can be used in connection with various types of winding machines. It can separate and sort the spun yarn from the automatic winder; automatically separate the empty yarn tube and the spun yarn tube, and automatically straighten the large and small spun yarn heads, automatically collect, and automatically move the frame, saving time and effort. , And also greatly improved production efficiency. The company introduced the fully automatic winder management system to the market in 2013 and sold 100 units that year. Judging from the current demand of enterprises, the future market potential of automatic winder management machines cannot be underestimated. At present, there are about 40,000 automatic winders in textile enterprises across the country. If half of them need to be equipped with automatic winders, it will be a very considerable market demand.

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