Enterprise Science Association adds members, build family and make friends to promote development

Aug 10,2020

On the afternoon of August 7, the Science and Technology Association of Jiangyin Kaiye Textile Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established. Yang Hongbo, Vice Chairman of Jiangyin Science Association, Shen Lixing, Deputy Director of the Subdistrict Office and Chairman of the Association of Science and Technology, and representatives of some scientific and technological workers of the enterprise attended the meeting.

▲Yang Hongbo awarded the plaque and medal to Jiangyin Kaiye Textile Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Science and Technology Association

Yang Hongbo congratulated the establishment of the two sub-district enterprises' associations of science and technology and the election of the first leadership of the association of science and technology. She put forward three suggestions for the future work of the two newly established enterprises for science and technology associations: First, we must strengthen our own standardization. It is necessary to establish and improve the organization system of the Association for Science and Technology, clarify objectives and responsibilities, and ensure the source of funding. Second, we must help scientific and technological workers solve problems. It is necessary to understand the thinking, work and living conditions of scientific and technological workers, actively reflect their suggestions, opinions and demands, and safeguard their legitimate rights and interests. Third, we must promote the economic development of enterprises. It is necessary to support and help enterprise scientific and technological workers to engage in scientific and technological innovation, inspire the enthusiasm of scientific and technological workers, precise positioning, realize the conversion of new and old kinetic energy, and promote high-quality economic development of enterprises.

Shen Lixing fully affirmed the leading role played by the two companies in technological innovation and serving scientific and technological workers, and encouraged the newly established enterprise science and technology association to keep up with the times, pioneering and innovating, and to continuously improve the cohesion and Centripetal force and combat effectiveness have made the Association for Science and Technology a truly "home of scientific and technological workers."

The newly-elected chairman of the Enterprise Science and Technology Association stated that after the establishment of the company, the Association for Science and Technology will give full play to its role as a bridge to promote exchanges between scientific and technological workers and the cultivation of enterprise talents, and guide enterprise scientific and technological workers to actively innovate and strive for the advancement of enterprise science and technology. , Enhance independent innovation capabilities and make new and greater contributions.


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