Automatic management machine

Apr 25,2015

Core tip: At present, most textile mills also sort the empty tubes and bobbins down by the winder manually, which is time-consuming and inefficient. With the intensification of labor conflicts, the bobbin is automatically managed and installed.
At present, most textile factories also manually sort the empty tubes and yarn tubes from the winder, which is labor-consuming, time-consuming and inefficient. With the intensification of labor conflicts, the automatic bobbin management device has gradually attracted everyone's attention. Many companies also develop and process some simple management devices by themselves, but few of them have been brought to the market as a mature textile machinery auxiliary machine.
At the current textile machinery exhibition, the author accidentally saw a product page of a full-automatic tube management machine, the LGJ100A full-automatic tube management machine. According to the data, the device absorbs advanced foreign technology and is a highly efficient and energy-efficient The new textile machinery equipment adopts electromechanical integration, automatic control detection and other technologies. It can be connected with each automatic winder to automatically separate and sort the tubes from the winder, and automatically separate the empty yarn tube and the yarn tube. And automatically sort the size of the empty tube of the spun yarn and collect it automatically.

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