Kaiye Textile Machinery issued a statement: "Related companies" immediately stopped all infringements!

Jan 29,2016

Recently, Kaiye Company found that the company concerned produced and trial-sold fully automatic winder management machines without permission, and issued an authorization statement—
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Kaiye LGJ200B fully automatic winder management passed
Entrusted by the China Textile Industry Federation, the China Textile Machinery Association hosted the scientific and technological achievements appraisal meeting of the "LGJ200B Full-Automatic Winder Organizer" project completed by Jiangyin Kaiye Textile Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in Jiangyin.
It is understood that the current market volume of automatic tube winding machines developed by Kaiye Textile Machinery has exceeded 1,000. After production and use by many textile enterprises such as Lu Thai, users report that it is convenient to install and transform, has high automation, stable and reliable performance, and has significant effects in reducing labor, reducing labor intensity and production costs, and meeting the continuous and automated spinning enterprises. The requirements have realized the automatic processing and packing of the spun yarn after the winding.
Experts at the meeting listened to the project development work report, product test report, science and technology search report, and user use report. They inspected the field use of the project product, re-tested relevant parameters, and after inquiry and discussion, formed the opinions as follows:
1. The information provided is complete and complete, and meets the identification requirements.
2. The project has taken the lead in developing a fully automatic tube management machine, which meets the continuous and automated requirements of spinning enterprises, and realizes the automatic processing and packing of spinning tubes after winding. The research and development of the automatic management machine is innovative in the following aspects:
(1) The rough finishing of the storage tube and the fine finishing of the bobbin are designed, and the smooth finishing of the bobbin is ensured through the two-step finishing;
(2) The machine vision detection technology is used to determine the color, orientation and residual yarn status of the spinning bobbins, and accurately classify the spinning bobbins;
(3) The spinning of the spun yarn tube is achieved by the compressed air jet in the pipe branch mechanism, which greatly improves the working life of the tube management device of the tube management machine;
(4) The pipe turning device of the pipe drop mechanism can adapt to the turning of the spinning yarn tube of different diameters, and has good adaptability, ensuring the consistency of the top position of the spinning yarn tube;
(5) The takeover mechanism is suitable for both rectangular and circular arc boxes, which can meet the requirements of different users;
(6) The whole machine adopts PLC program control, with friendly interface and easy operation.
3. The products of the project have been tested by the National Textile Machinery Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and meet the requirements of the standard Q / 320281BFS01-2015 for the automatic winding machine management company.
Fourth, LGJ200B automatic winding machine has been used in many textile enterprises for more than one year. Users report that it is convenient for installation and transformation, high degree of automation, stable and reliable performance, and has significant effects in reducing labor and production costs.
The appraisal committee agreed that the LGJ200B full-automatic winder management machine has filled the domestic blank, and the overall performance has reached the international advanced level, and agreed to pass the scientific and technological achievements appraisal. (From Kaiye Textile Machinery)
Kaiye Textile Machinery's R & D of Automatic Winder Organizer
"Our automatic winder organizer project was started in 2009, and the product was really introduced to the market in 2013, and 100 units were sold that year. Since this year, the product has been in short supply, and 100 units were sold in the first quarter. The company is unable to deliver at full capacity. "Chen Taiyong, general manager of Jiangyin Kaiye Textile Machinery Co., Ltd., has both joy and worry when talking about the company's product sales. Fortunately, the overwhelming orders made them firmly believe that the company's carefully developed automatic winder management machine has been accepted by customers for more than four years; the worry is that the company has insufficient assembly staff and limited production capacity, and it is difficult to meet the needs of a large number of customers.
Why choose a management machine?
At present, it is difficult to recruit, retain, and increase the cost of labor year by year. Some enterprises have even experienced severe worker breakdowns in individual positions. Employees who should have retired at the age of 50 or 60 are still repeating heavy manual labor. How to solve the shortage of labor? How to free the workers from heavy physical labor? This is not only a problem that textile enterprises need to solve urgently, but also provides a new market business opportunity for textile machinery enterprises in transition and upgrading.
Kaiye Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. captured this information keenly and accurately, and after a long period of inspection and research in frontline enterprises, it chose to develop an automatic winder management machine project. They found that the current yarn bobbins used by cotton spinning companies were randomly and randomly landed in the storage area. Empty bobbins and bobbins of various colors were mixed together and sorted out manually, or Manual centralized processing, low efficiency and high labor intensity. According to the scale of 50,000 spindles, spinning 20 to 32 yarns requires 4-5 people per shift manager, 12--15 persons for 3 shifts, and an average of 40,000 bobbins per shift per shift . On the one hand, there are many employees, but because of low technical content, high labor intensity, serious injury to opponents, workers are reluctant to do it; on the other hand, enterprises have to increase wages. Generally, the wages of a supervisor in a company in Jiangsu area can be increased. Reaching 3,400 yuan, this is quite high in auxiliary work.
"It is precisely seeing the needs of textile enterprises, coupled with Kaiye's experience and accumulation of textile machinery auxiliary equipment production and development, which has further stimulated our enthusiasm for developing a fully automatic winder management machine. We want to use Automated equipment frees workers from heavy physical labor. " Company consultant Zhang Hongquan introduced to reporters their original intention of choosing an automatic winder.
How to replace manual operation?
In 2010, the company developed the first generation of automatic winder, which was ideal after trial operation of Shandong Lutai Textile Company. As a result, they continued to improve, re-test and perfect. The third-generation prototype launched in 2012 was basically mature, and has successively worked in 6 domestic well-known cotton spinning companies including Jihua 3542, Anhui Huaying, Tianhong, Shandong Lutai, etc. Enterprise trial. "These companies have given us a lot of valuable opinions, prompting us to continue to improve and improve our technology." Zhang Hongquan said that the birth of a new device depends not only on the efforts of manufacturing enterprises, but also on the support and encouragement of user companies. "
Different from the traditional manual operation, the LGJ100B automatic winding machine developed by Kaiye Company adopts electromechanical integration and automatic control detection technology. It is connected to each winding machine and separates the spun yarn from the automatic winding machine. And sorting; the empty yarn tube and the yarn tube are automatically separated, and the size and size of the empty yarn tube are automatically straightened, automatically collected, and the frame is changed, which saves time and labor and greatly improves production efficiency.
Zhang Hongquan said that the LGJ100B automatic winder can be used with various types of winders. It can automatically identify and detect various colors of bobbins, and can effectively identify and separate the entangled yarn on the bobbins, with high detection accuracy; the automatic tube management machine can process various sizes of bobbins; according to the user's production process requirements, each The management machine can handle multiple color spun yarn tubes on a single winder; labor saving, low energy consumption and low labor intensity; reduce the spinning tube transportation turnover process and reduce the bobbin damage rate.
At present, Kaiye has sold the fourth-generation automatic winder management machine in the market, and the fifth-generation product research and development work has been completed, waiting for the right time to market. The fifth generation of automatic winder organizer has applied for 1 invention patent and 4 new practical technology patents.
How effective is the user?
So, how much can an automatic winder organizer replace several workers and reduce the cost for the enterprise? How long can the enterprise's investment in equipment cost be recovered?
Zhang Hongquan calculated for the reporter: Take 24 automatic winder management machines as an example. In manual management, a class needs 4 young and powerful workers to complete, and an older one needs 5 people; if 24 All cars are equipped with a management machine, so only one manager is required for every eight cars, and three managers are required for 24 cars, which is 1-2 fewer people than a manual management class.
The salary of a supervisor for a month is 3,400 yuan, plus insurance and other expenses of about 60,000 yuan a year. After using the automatic winder management machine, 2 people are reduced in one shift, 6 people can be reduced in 3 shifts a day, and 360,000 can be saved in a year. It takes more than 1 million yuan to purchase 24 sets of automatic winders, and the investment cost can be recovered in 3 years. Zhang Hongquan said that at present, from the actual production situation of an enterprise that has been equipped with an automatic winder management machine, it is too easy for one person to manage 8 management machines. This person can also take care of the surrounding cleaning work, which has reduced again. Part of the expenditure. In addition, the key to this device is to liberate the labor force, and the labor intensity is reduced, and the salary of the supervisor will be appropriately reduced, which can save a part of expenses. Therefore, the investment cost of the equipment can be recovered in less than 3 years.
In addition, Zhang Hongquan said that with the continuous improvement of the automation level of automatic winder management machines, and the use of enterprises to control the equipment more freely, it is expected that in the future, one person can look after 16-17 management machines. At present, Shandong Lutai alone takes care of more than a dozen automatic winders. In this way, the labor cost of this enterprise alone can be greatly reduced.
What is the market outlook?
In Zhang Hongquan's view, being able to replace labor is just one of the advantages of an automatic winder organizer. Its greater value lies in liberating workers from heavy labor, which is also an important reason for its popularity with users. According to him, Nantong Dafuhao Textile Technology Co., Ltd. encountered opposition from some people in the company when installing the first batch of 8 automatic winding machines, but after a period of operation, the use effect was very good and the labor intensity of the workers It was greatly reduced, and the workers who took the lead against it urgently asked when the next set of equipment could be shipped and installed. Zhang Hongquan believes that from the current demand situation of enterprises, the future market potential of automatic winder management machines is still very large.
At present, there are about 40,000 automatic winders in textile enterprises across the country. If half of them are equipped with automatic winders, it will be a considerable market demand.
Kaiye's current production capacity is 500 units per year. "Despite the large market demand, we will not immediately expand production. Without the training of installers, blindly expanding production, it is difficult to ensure the quality of the equipment. Once the quality is wrong, the company's brand will be hit." Zhang Hongquan, who has spent most of his life in the textile machinery industry, knows the importance of quality for the company. He said that the company's decision-making views on this issue are highly consistent: no amount of orders can blindly expand production.
Chen Taiyuan, the general manager of the company, is also strong. At present, although the enterprise does face the problem of being unable to deliver the goods, it must not relax production, and must ensure product quality. At the same time, we must speed up the research and development of new-generation products, and always stay ahead of the technology, so that we can firmly grasp market initiative. (From China Textile News)

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