In response to the development needs of the industry's automation and intelligence, Kaye's self-developed and produced fully automatic winder management machines have a large market share and good user reputation. What do you think Kaye's advantages?

May 08,2019

The traditional textile industry is a labor-intensive industry. With the gradual disappearance of China's demographic dividend, the transformation and upgrading is urgent. Mechanization, automation, and intelligence have become effective ways to transform traditional industries, promote industrial transformation and upgrading, reduce staff and increase efficiency, and alleviate the difficulty of recruiting workers. Aiming at the needs of industrial automation and intelligent development, to solve the problems such as excessive labor, high costs, and high labor intensity in the process of transformation and upgrading of textile enterprises, the company increased its research and development efforts, and used more labor and labor intensity in the spinning process. Research on the process, strengthen independent research and development and technical cooperation, set up a spinning device test center, research and design a variety of new spinning supporting devices; always adhere to the "quality first, integrity-based" as its purpose, to the customer It is our responsibility to provide higher use value, and establish a complete quality management system to ensure product quality; focus on scientific research investment and personnel training, introduce high-end talents with rich experience in product research and development, production and product application, and continue to develop new Products; at the same time, in order to better serve users, continue to expand the after-sales service team and solve existing problems for users in a timely manner.
The management machine, as a complete set of equipment for spinning frames and automatic winders, can automatically connect the doffing of the spinning yarns and the bobbin reserve to meet the continuous and automated requirements of the spinning enterprise. It can not only reduce the labor intensity, but also reduce the enterprise. It also plays an important role in terms of production costs and efficiency. The LGJ300B full-automatic winder unwinder introduced at the Textile Machinery Exhibition last year can be connected to the automatic winder. The empty yarn tube and the tail yarn tube will be sorted automatically, the color will be separated automatically, and the size head will be automatically straightened. , Automatic frame replacement, reduce labor, improve work efficiency, reduce labor intensity, reduce the spinning tube transportation turnover process; the machine has a simple and compact structure, takes up less space, simple transmission parts, improved management speed, simple operation, easier maintenance, and failure The rate is low, and it is reflected well after production and use by textile enterprises.

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