At present, the tide of "smart +" has arrived, and many companies have seized this opportunity. How do you think China's textile machinery manufacturers should respond? How to implement the "standard first" principle?

May 08,2019

When the "intelligence +" tide comes, we still need to take the needs of customers as the R & D target of our textile machinery industry, to achieve a reasonable division of labor and collaborative work between people and machines, and to achieve transformation and upgrading, in order to maximize production efficiency.
The first is to make a reasonable choice based on their actual needs. The traditional manufacturing enterprise chooses intelligent transformation, first of all, it must consider whether it can be perfectly integrated with its original product production line. It should consider the actual situation of the enterprise to decide whether to introduce it. Avoid blindly following the trend.
The second is to improve production efficiency as the fundamental goal. Domestic traditional manufacturing enterprises must consider efficiency and place intelligence in the most appropriate position in production services. In short, under the "smart +" manufacturing reform wave, labor-intensive industries like the textile industry should keep up with the pace, seize the opportunity, and seize the opportunity to occupy the commanding heights of the market through transformation.
Quality improvement, standards first
In order to enhance the new momentum of the manufacturing industry and realize new actions in the new era, it must first be supported by high standards that meet the requirements of the times. Modern production has two remarkable characteristics: it is based on advanced science and technology and it is highly socialized. The former is represented by variety, quality, efficiency, and benefits; the latter is represented by fine social division of labor, but both are inseparable from standardization. The development process of industrialization is also a development process of standardization. The quality management system is actually a concrete manifestation of the standardization system. Without standardization progress, there will be no quality success. For example, when a company develops a new product, if it does not set the technical specifications of the product and there is no corresponding quality control standard, then there is no way to develop the product.
Textile machinery enterprises should further improve the enterprise product standard system and give play to the main role of the enterprise in standardization work; change the concept and raise the awareness of the importance of standardization work, and change the emphasis on production and sales to equal emphasis on technical standards, research and development innovation, and More importantly, create a good atmosphere for standardization work; encourage enterprises to adopt international standards and domestic advanced standards to organize production, improve technological levels, enhance their ability to participate in international competition, and strengthen applied technology research, increase technical standard innovation; promote textile machinery enterprises In the process of industrialization of scientific research results, it will be converted into technical standards as soon as possible to promote the upgrading of the textile industry.

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