Textile machinery must take the road of "green manufacturing"

Jul 22,2015

Guest business card
Zhu Hongbo
Assistant to the Chairman of Riguan (Fujian) Textile Machinery Co., Ltd.
On June 18, the production line of the double-sided cold-dyeing direct printing machine of Riguan (Fujian) Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. was unveiled at the 13th Strait Project Achievement Fair, and it has gained wide attention from all walks of life. "This machine is the first in the country and is now the fourth generation." Zhu Hongbo, assistant to the chairman of Riguan, said, "The introduction of this machine has completely overturned the high energy consumption and high pollution of traditional dyeing and finishing machinery. The characteristics are exactly in line with the direction of 'Green Manufacturing' stated in 'Made in Quanzhou 2025.'
In Zhu Hongbo's opinion, the future development trend of the textile machinery manufacturing industry will focus on energy conservation and environmental protection. "Green textile" has become a new theme for the textile machinery manufacturing industry, and the numerical control and intelligent technology innovation advocated in "Quanzhou Manufacturing 2025" The purpose of the application is to further achieve energy saving and consumption reduction while increasing product capacity.
In the production workshop of Riguan, Zhu Hongbo took the double-sided cold-dyeing direct printing machine as an example to introduce the effectiveness of numerical control technology in environmental protection and energy saving for the reporter in detail. "The traditional dyeing and finishing machinery used in the textile and apparel industry in the past not only used large amounts of water, had low efficiency, but also caused serious pollution." He said, "During the process of printing and dyeing, the double-sided cold-dye direct printing machine uses the principle of four-color separation. At the same time, it can realize the printing and dyeing functions of different colors and patterns on both sides of the fabric, and the dyeing material fixes fast. There is no need to steam in the production process. The dyeing material does not contain urea and salt, and it has no pollution to the environment. "
It is understood that the double-sided cold-dyeing direct printing machine can already replace circular screen, flat screen and batik, discharge, tie-dye, and dip printing. "At present, Riguan's double-sided cold-dyeing direct printing machine has been independently developed to the" fourth generation ", and we have perfected functions in each generation." Zhu Hongbo said, "For example, in the fourth generation of products, we are achieving environmental protection. On the basis of energy-saving functions, the existing CNC machinery is also integrated with the Internet and the Internet of Things. Now technicians can monitor the production of each device in real time through the company's back-end system and help customers solve the possible problems in the production process in time. Problems that arise. Integrating the thinking of 'Internet +' into product innovation is also the direction that textile machinery manufacturers need to work hard in the future. "
However, good products do not necessarily have a good market in the beginning. Zhu Hongbo admits that since the double-sided cold-dye printing machine of Suncrown is an innovative new product, there are also some difficulties in initial sales. In this regard, Suncrown is also in marketing Continuous innovation has stepped out of the new sales model of financial leasing. "Not only that, we also boldly launched a sales model that provided free products in the previous period for customers to use and collected rents according to the profitability of customers to help the products be successfully promoted," according to Zhu Hongbo.
Zhu Hongbo said: "At present, many companies are facing a large investment in new product development and application. We hope that the technology sector can further help companies expand financing channels, build more research and development platforms, reduce research costs, and promote the smooth transition of enterprises and industries. upgrade."

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