Development of automation in the textile machinery industry

Jul 29,2015

According to data released by the National Bureau of Statistics, in 2009, textile machinery continued its downward trend in 2008 with slow growth, coupled with the competition of foreign products and the impact of the global financial crisis, Chinese textile machinery enterprises faced severe challenges. By the first quarter of 2010, the textile machinery industry fell slightly, down by 5% to 10% from the previous month, and increased by more than 70% year-on-year. Affected by the dual stimulus of exports and domestic demand, it is expected to grow slightly in the second quarter of 2010.
The decline of the textile machinery industry has brought a certain impact to automation product providers. Information from the National Bureau of Statistics shows that the total market size of China's textile machinery industry's automation products in 2009 was nearly 2.4 billion yuan, reaching 2.39 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase in 2008. Down 7.0%. But in the first quarter of 2010, the market for automation products in the textile machinery industry increased by 70.5% year-on-year and decreased by 9% month-on-month.
As far as textile machinery products are concerned, the traditional low-tech textile machinery market capacity has fallen sharply, while high-efficiency, energy-saving, and high-value-added textile machinery products have been greatly improved, which has also brought certain benefits to automation products. market. The larger the scale of textile machinery manufacturing enterprises and the wider the product coverage, the higher the level of automation and information technology, and the more automation products they use.
 Automation is the only way to improve the performance of mechanical products and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. With the development and application of computer networks and power electronics, its importance has become increasingly prominent, and its application in textile machinery will become more and more widespread. . The survey results show that more high-end textile machinery manufacturers have gone from the initial application of a single automation product such as PLC, inverter, servo, etc., to the demand for integrated application of multiple automation products, digital integrated production of equipment networks.
Affected by the crisis, in the first quarter of 2010, there was less new product research and development in the textile machinery industry, but starting in the second half of the year, driven by demand, investment in new product research and development is expected to increase. However, most of the companies interviewed continued technical improvements or upgrades in software and machinery. For the sake of product reliability and stability, they basically did not change the configuration and brand of automation products.

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